Your Child Grow & Thrive


We provide a safe and nurturing environment for your precious little one to blossom.


Introduction to play, creative arts, language development, and sensory exploration.


Developing the critical thinking and problem-solving skills they will need to succeed.

& priority

Our primary goal is to provide a safe and supportive environment where your child can learn and explore, while developing social skills, emotional intelligence, and most importantly, a love of learning.

As early childhood educators, we are aware of the impact we have on a child’s life. We are responsible for the impression we make on each child’s soul. We are mirrors, and we must be mindful of what we reflect everyday. For this reason, it is critical for us to constantly seek out knowledge, skills, and professional development as we continue to learn and grow, so that we can provide the best possible care for your child.

Goals &

Safe and healthy environment

We watch the children at all times during indoor and outdoor activities to ensure their safety and well-being. Our space is clean with fresh air, and we conduct daily checks to make sure there are no potential dangers them.

Social and emotional development

We have developed an inclusive and comfortable environment where children feel safe. We have also created a schedule that respects difficulties, encourages each child's routine and skills, and provides positive guidance to each child.

Improving physical & intellectual skills

We develop different activities based on each age group to enhance the physical and intellectual development of the child.

Responsive program to child needs

We create activities based on what we see each child experiencing regularly - their feelings, struggles, progress, and challenges. This helps us achieve our goal of supporting children's growth and development as educators.


Positive relationships with families

We know that children's well-being is a crucial part of our purpose, but it is also our responsibility to maintain good relationships with their families.

Keeping our commitment to professionalism

As early childhood educators, we are responsible for the mark we create in each child’s soul. We are mirrors and must be careful about what we reflect on a daily basis. Therefore, it is essential for us to consistently pursue knowledge, skills, and professional development.

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Natalia Mother

It is very comforting to have my son attending a day care center surrounded by people who focus on love. It just allows my son to express himself, which has helped make him the independent and smart kid he is today. Thank you so much for taking care of my son in such a loving way!

Flora Mother

My husband and I were looking for a home daycare that would take good care of my daughter and we found Mrs. Alessandra. My daughter loves Alessandra as if she were her second mother. A cozy environment suitable for all age groups. I strongly recommend the Bright Hearts EE.

Thassiana Mother

We absolutely love Alessandra!!! She is so kind and playful with my daughter! In such a short time, my daughter was running to hug her in the morning and so excited to be playing with the other kids at her daycare. I feel confident that my daughter is being well taken care of while I can't be there, which gives me peace of mind. I highly recommend her daycare!

Tatiane Mother

... My son was so shy and he was having a hard time speaking and communicating with other kids at his age. After a few weeks attending the care, we noticed an enormous improvement. Now, he is able to communicate, express his needs, and get along with his classmates. ... I don’t have enough words to describe how happy I am for the care that my son is receiving at the daycare...

Andreia Mother

If you are looking for a daycare center for your child, I highly recommend Bright Hearts Early Education by Mrs. Alessandra. She is very responsible, caring, affectionate and her son will adore her. Because in addition to care, she has a great didactic and social development of her son. It's worth the investment in your child's growth. I thank her so much for taking care of my daughter.

Cidinha Mother

I just have to thank Ms. Alessandra for all the love she had with my daughter! Alessandra was the person I could trust to leave my treasure in moments when my eyes couldn't be. I indicate Mrs. Alessandra to the people I know who need a daycare. She was attentive, charismatic, and very dedicated to taking care of and teaching my daughter! Today my daughter is at school and she has no difficulty at all because of what she learned at Mrs. Ale's daycare!

Mariana Mother

Alessandra always took care of my daughter as if she were her own. I am grateful to God for the time my daughter spent with her. Hellena, even after moving to another city and starting to attend school, she always remembers Alessandra very fondly and everything she learned from her. Mrs. Ale, thank you so much for all your affection with my daughter! Big kiss to the best teacher in the world!!

Daily schedule
& routine

Arrival time / Breakfast (7am - 8:45am)

Children play quietly and have breakfast. When they have finished their meal, they can play as they wish until most of the children have arrived and finished eating.

Group Hours (8:45am – 9:25am)

The real start of our day begins when we come together as a group to welcome each other and briefly talk about the planned activities of the day. We'll also do things like read a book out loud or sing a song!

Outdoor Play (9:25am - 9:50am)

Such activities are an important part of our daily routine and usually involve group and outdoor play.

Morning Snack (9:50am – 10am)

Children will have their morning snack after returning from outside play and will also enjoy STEM-based activities while waiting for lunch time.