Daily Routine
& Schedule

We have a scheduled routine that encourages development and growth. It includes group activities such as playing with blocks, engaging in creative arts, role-playing, reading, writing, and age-appropriate math and science activities. Each activity is geared towards each child’s needs and abilities to improve their development.
Arrival time (7am)

This is the time most of the children arive. Some of them will arive later but that's ok!

Breakfast (7:30am)

It's time for the children to have breakfast.

Free play (8:00am)

When children have finished breakfast, they can play as they wish until most of the children have arrived.

Circle time (8:30am)

It's time to welcome each other and briefly talk about the events planned for the day. We'll also do things like read a book or sing a song!

Group activity (8:45am)

Activities are an important part of our daily routine and often involve group activities.

Outdoor play/Physical activity (9:25am)

It's time to go outside! Outdoor time can also be part of our daily themed activity.

Morning snack (10:00am)

It's time for the children to replenish their energy with a good morning snack.

STEM activity (10:15am)

Children will do age-appropriate math or science activities or other STEM-based activity.

Free play (11:00am)

Children can play as they wish until it's lunch time!

Lunch (12:00pm)

Time to wash hands, help set the table and have a good lunch!

Transition (12:30pm)

Time to brush your teeth and get ready for nap.

Nap time (12:50pm)

It's time to get some rest and a good dream!

Afternoon snack (3:00pm)

Time to wake up and replenish energy for the last round of the day.

Sensory art activity (3:30pm)

Time to try some creative arts based on the theme of the day.

Outdoor play/Physical activity (4:00pm)

It's time to go outside! Outdoor play can also be part of our daily themed activity.

Dinner (4:30pm)

Time to wash your hands, help set the table and have dinner!

Dismissal/pick up (5:00pm)

Time to cleanup and get ready to go home!

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Q&A with Ms. Alessandra

When my son was diagnosed with Autism, I knew I wanted to stay home with him to give him every opportunity! I absolutely fell in love working with children and have all the love and patience in the world for them. Opening my own child care program in my home gave me the opportunity to create a warm and friendly environment that I think is so important. I especially love to watch the children express themselves, but the truth is there are so many parts of my day that bring me a lot of joy.


Having a small group of children in my home-based program is great because I want them all to leave here ready for preschool, and this setting makes that possible. I use my knowledge and prior experiences to adjust my program to meet individual children’s needs, and focus on building independence. One of the best parts of working with children is watching them learn. The work is incredibly rewarding, especially when I think about how I've prepared children for pre-K. It's such a gift to guide the children in my program as they grow.


We have a program that is responsive to the needs of each child. We develop all activities and tasks according to the age group of each child to better serve their physical and intellectual development. The activities are developed according to observations made in the daily life of each child, considering their emotions, frustrations, potential and obstacles.